Fiendcast #1 – March 2010

To keep myself out of trouble, I like to record this small podcast fill of music that I like. I call it the Fiendcast, because it has fiendishly good music, and also because sometimes people call me a fiend. Featuring some sweet grooves by Hot Chip, Phoenix, Diskjokke, Riton, Bass Clef, Tricky and more…. and me chatting some shit.

Left click here to listen, or right click here to download – Fiendcast #1 2010

Phoenix – 1901
Hot Chip – Take It In
Tricky vs South Rakkas Crew – Baligaga
Riton vs Primary 1 – Radiates
Diskjokke – Staying In
Pantha du Prince – Lay In A Shimmer
Bass Clef – You Do My Head In
Clyde ft Capitol A – Serve It Up! (Brooke’s Hiphouse remix)


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