Interviews with Martin Belam, IA for the Guardian

About this time last year, I did a month’s work experience for the Guardian, as part of a bursary I was awarded by the Scott Trust. I really enjoyed it – it was like a glimpse inside the workings of the one paper I’ve held most beloved for the past ten years. It was also a sobering reminder that straight up journalism wasn’t for me. No problem with that though, I’m happy with the writing and multi-media production career/past time that I’ve ended up with.

While I was at Kings Place I attended a lunch for people involved in the Guardian’s minority inclusion scheme (see?? This is why we need that paper. When would you ever see ANY of the other papers – except possibly the Independent – running a minority inclusion scheme?), which was where I met Martin Belam, who is an information architect for the Graun. (NB – if you go to the previous link and read through the last interview I did with him, get to the bottom and you’ll see a link to a post by Hannah Waldram, who is now the Guardian’s Cardiff Beatblogger. Small world).

I stayed in touch with him, and recently he sent me some questions for an interview series he was running on his excellent tech blog. He also referred to me as a young journalist, which gave him top marks in my book as I’m turning 30 later this year. Links below.

Interview with young journalists Helia Phoenix, Priyal Sanghavi and Ann Danylkiw: Part 1 – Education

Interview with young journalists: Part 2 – Starting work

Interview with young journalists: Part 3 – Learning technology

Interview with young journalists: Part 4 – What has surprised you most about your work

Interview with young journalists: Part 5 – Advice for people wanting to study journalism


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