Offloading – Roath Cardiff twitter feed seeks loving home

It has occured to me recently that I do far too much, and in order to try and do more, I’m streamlining my operation. As well as trying to rehome my cat, this also means I’m looking for a new home for a hyperlocal Twitter feed I set up last year.

I’ve been interested in the hyperlocal angle for a while now, and getting back to Cardiff from Sheffield last year and moving into a lively student-based area (Roath) I thought it was time to try it out. I set up Roath Cardiff as a Twitter feed, and it was my intention to use that as the basis for a hyperlocal news/features website. Roath is a great area for this – loads going on all the time. The Twitter feed is made up with a combination of photographs, links to local events, and also information (where PACT meetings are taking place, where local residents can get recycling bags from, and so on.

But as I said, I’m looking to streamline my operation, and the decision to hand over the Roath Cardiff twitter to someone else was cemented due to the fact that I’m moving out of the area. It really needs someone local to run it.

So. If you fancy taking on the Roath Cardiff feed, give me a shout – either leave a comment below or message me on Twitter. It would be great experience for a budding journo or someone looking for more online experience. And someone who can offer a thriving feed a lot of love 🙂


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