hack/flash presents Nosy Parkers at Made In Roath festival 2010

hack/flash (the community art project I help run) will be operating a workshop at the Made In Roath festival this year.

Here’s some guff about the amazing Made In Roath festie….

October this year will see the follow up to last year’s hugely successful Made In Roath Arts Festival. The festival will be taking place on 15th-17th October 2010, in various locations around Roath, Cardiff.

A community-based project promising an exciting and eclectic mix of exhibitions, residencies, workshops, performances and more, Made in Roath aims to give local people the opportunity to view, enjoy and celebrate local arts.

And here’s what hack/flash will be doing there:

Nosy Parkers
with Hack/Flash
The Gate – Dance Studio
Saturday 16th October, 6pm- close
Sunday 17th October, all day (drop-in)

hack/flash wants to get everyday people involved with fun and collaborative art projects. They might want you to answer questions, or take photos, or write, or paint. You don’t need any ‘artistic ability’ at all – just an inquiring mind and a desire to have fun. Sometimes, they might just want you to make a mess… For our newest project hack/flash have teamed up with Made in Roath to celebrate the beautiful green lushness of Roath Park. What connects you to Roath’s famous green space? Maybe you had your first kiss there, or broke up, or made up – whatever your story, we want to hear it. And we want you to plot your memories and dreams and even your desires for the future of the park onto our great big map!

Check out the official Made In Roath website – and hopefully see you there


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