The Doers Of Cardiff (via Neil Cocker)

Earlier this year, my friend Neil Cocker wrote a blog post called The Doers of Cardiff, featuring a number of lovely Cardiffites who busy themselves doing numerous things – often voluntarily – that contribute to local community and culture (in some way). It was a great post, though obviously sorely lacking in the presence of yours truly. Neil has clearly realised his error and written another blog post, with added Phoenix.

I’m just kidding, obviously. But Neil has written The Doers of Cardiff Part 2, and I am included this time (thank you, Neil!).

According to his website, Neil Cocker is MD of Dizzyjam and founder of NOCCI, co-organiser of TEDxCardiff and Ignite Cardiff, a creative industries consultant, a music industry survivor & mentor, and according to some friends, a “creative industries ninja” and “a good egg”.

He was also our very first We Are Cardiff story. He’s definitely a Doer himself, and also definitely a good egg. Check out his website here.


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