Music writing

It’s been a while since I’ve done any “proper” music writing that wasn’t for a book. I think I had to go a bit cold turkey after Kruger Magazine folded – I had been writing for Kruger and editing its Reviews section for years, so when the mag shut down I felt a bit of a recoil from writing. I didn’t want to write reviews anymore. I barely wanted to listen to music anymore. I guess it was a bit like a bad breakup… but now, hooray, I’m over it! And thus the music writing can begin again. I’ve just started writing music news for the Shazam website. If you’re a music geek like me, it’s quite possible you’ve probably used Shazam in the past – when you’ve been out at a club or pub and a tune comes on that you’re desperate to know the name of, but no-one you ask seems to know …. you call Shazam, play some of the song down the phone and they give you the name and artist. I remember one very (very) hazy night at Glade Festival a few years ago when a friend and I must have called Shazam about 20 times…

Anyway, bringing it back up to date – today Shazam has 150 million users across 200 countries worldwide and their numbers are on the up. And rather than calling up, these days most people are using their fairly swanky mobile app (there’s just been a big update to their Android app). As part of that, they’re creating more written music content for their blog. Which will now be even more awesome than it was already, as it will also feature me!

Check out the Shazam blog, and my posts on there…

In other news, I’ve also co-written an article about how music is changing to become a totally personalise experience with the rise of technology like Bronze Format and also Bjork’s new album, Biophilia. My writer-in-crime is Adam Corner, electro-whore-house-pioneer and newly reformed say-yes-to-everything-and-worry-about-it-later-man. You can see the article in the next issue of Crack magazine.


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