Helia needs your help!

Hello world, as the wordpress template is prone to saying…

I need your help. I’m writing an article titled (cheerfully) Things To Do In Cardiff Before You Croak, and I’m looking for suggestions.

Impress me with your Cardiff-based must-dos!

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll accept anything. Well – not anything. Most things.



31 thoughts on “Helia needs your help!

  1. It might sound a bit lame – but I have to say that the boat trips (bay blast) down the bay are literally a blast! With awful music pumping (which makes it all the better!) and the boat picking up high speed while doing u-turns and getting splashed it really is great fun whether you’re with kids or not!

  2. There are some which seam small but but would be a crime if they were to be missed!

    Cycle the Taff trail, even if its just to Castle Coch
    See how far you can walk from the Cardiff Castle before you hit a road. You’ll be out of own before you know it, well almost out of cardiff!
    Paddle in Victoria Parks paddling pool, Summer only i would recommend
    Go for a sail, honest its great!
    go one step further learn to sail.
    enroll on a course at Llanover Hall
    Visit Chapter arts, monthly!
    spend a day and find the interesting shops around city road
    Visit Jacobs market
    Be admitted to the Heath hospital, but not for too long. Realise how lucky you are.
    Talk to the odd people
    Have a BBQ at the Wenallt
    Visit St Fagans
    Visit the woods next to St Fagans, much more fun.
    Go and have a chat with the Parrot in the Black Cock on Caerphilly mountain
    Visit Cardiff Castle
    Visit Cardiff’s Museums
    Spend some time away from cardiff to realise how lucky we are.

    Best of luck with your project,

  3. Hiya here’s a few things I can think of:

    Visit the Cardiff Arts Institute and admire the walls (not joking).
    Have afternoon tea at Waterloo Gardens.
    Find the giant turtle in Cardiff Museum.
    Pick wild garlic in Roath (you can find it by the smell just head toward Gabalfa).
    And finally attend any Cardiff Comedy nnight with either Dan Mitchell or Dean Burnett involved. Those men are just wonderful (and Dan’s on TV now so I guess that makes him famous!).

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks everyone – your suggestions are all excellent!

    Ffion – I’m in the bay everyday, yet I’ve never done that…
    Alex – that’s a great list, thank you!
    Miriam – thanks for your suggestions, esp the comedy (I’m clueless about it)
    Gareth – you’ve made me very thirsty!

  5. Um, have u written the thing yet? If not, then these are mine. And if so, then have a go anyway…

    #1) There is a sort of nice nature reserve at the end of Brachdy Lane in Rumney, with a photogenic curvy wooden slat bridge. Take a picnic, pick some blackberries, and watch the fishermen.
    #2) Explore the woods between Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn, catch tadpoles in the lake and (if you are very brave) cross to Rumney via the corrugated iron tunnel (well that’s what I did growing up in the suburbs).
    #3) Take some charcoal and large sheets of paper and make rubbings from the gravestones in Cemetary Park, Adamsdown. If that’s too arty, just turn around and have a go on the 25hour plein air gym.


    • Hey Lee – no, I haven’t written it yet … so please keep the ideas rolling in and thanks for your suggestions

  6. Picnic in Bute Park, my favourite place in the world. Pretty much everything Alex said (that list ROCKS dude!) Hang around the Bay on a summer evening as the sun sets (lush), fly kites on Rudry mountain (that’s still Cardiff, yeah? Yeah.)

  7. Also thanks to these folk on Twitter for their suggestions:

    @munwin13 “walk across the barrage late afternoon early evening on a lovely summers day”

    @dantyte “get yourself down the City!”

    @vicky_semple “Roath Park rowing boats. So childish really but much fun & never really gets a mention against big events/drinking etc”

    @thedimmick “go to Newport? Get the Summer Bus to Brecon early one morning and cycle back to the diff on the Taff Trail. Oh and Madhav too.”

  8. Have a picnic in Waterloo Gardens; must include fizz.
    Row the boats at Roath Park lake, dressed in your best vintage get up.
    Cycle the Taff Trail & eat home-made cake at the farm store cafe en-route, then wish you hadn’t when you try and mount the hill by Castell Coch then go into Castell Coch and wish it was your house.
    Watch world cinema at Chapter Arts Centre.
    Go to one of the many independent markets all over the city. Gwdihw, Milgi, Milkwood.
    Visit Jacobs Market or the Pumphouse for antiques.
    Visit Whitchurch charity shops – not an urban myth!
    Eat vegetarian food at Canteen on Clifton street, the Vegetarian Food Studio and Humgry Planet. Then save up for a month to eat the Vegetarian taster menu at the Mint & Mustard – worth every penny.
    Drink a Milgi Mojito.
    Go to a Junket Club – an independent comedy night that is bloody brill.
    Get drunk and go to gigs in Gwdihw, Milgi, Cardiff Arts Institute.

  9. *iPhone typo – Hungry Planet.
    Visit the farm store in a lane between Lisvane & Thornhill in Cardiff.
    Shop in the Victorian arcades and stick your fingers up to St David’s 2. Eat Italian at Cafe Minuet.
    Go on the sightseeing tour of Cardiff.
    Visit St Fagans with some children or your Mum in tow.
    Get all of your best friends and have a games day and picnic on Roath Rec.
    Get a hobby in Cardiff.
    Get Wayne in Canteen on Clifton street to give you a cooking class (you have to pay him)
    Do hot yoga (I still haven’t done this!)
    Go to Music Geek Monthly at CAI.
    Have a snog in Lovers Lane (I’m not telling you where it is, you have to find it!)
    Take pictures of yourself down the graffiti lanes off Elm Street and use them as your FB profile.
    That is all. For now.

  10. It may not be obvious or exclusive to Cardiff but I’d definitely recommend roller derby. If you’re not lucky enough to find a league accepting new skaters then DEFINITELY go watch. Our league (Tiger Bay Brawlers) bout most months and I guarantee you’ll fall in love as soon as you see it!!

    The charity shop trail is a must as are any of the vintage fairs that come to the city; you get some amazing bargains. Walking through Sophia Gardens in winter is also amazing and should be compulsory for all Cardiffians, I think! And go to an international in the stadium; whether you like rugby or not, the atmosphere is addictive.

    Whatever you do + wherever in Cardiff you do it, take a moment to appreciate the architecture. Some of our buildings are gorgeous.

    Can’t wait to read the article!!

  11. Eat dim sum at Riverside Cantonese (I’ll happily take you and show you the dim sum ropes if you’re new to it 🙂 )

    Visit the scary Torchwood memorial wall in the Bay

    View the city from the top of St David’s Car park

    Grab lunch from the New York Deli

    Do some shopping in the arcades (esp. Seren, Wally’s and Madame Fromage)


  12. Kinch has already covered so many of the good things about Cardiff, especially The Junket Club and Mint & Mustard’s taster menu. They’re both incredible. Also incredible: Rachel Kinchin.

    Watch something in Cinema 2 at Chapter. Anything. It’s just a beautiful place. Try Moviemaker on the first Monday of the month at 6pm. It showcases local talent. Be sure to have the sweet potato chips afterwards.
    Have a late night ice cream at Ice Cream Passion. The first time anyone goes, they always have the Wacko Jacko (equal parts chocolate and vanilla ice cream). They’re also open til about 11 and do delivery, both of which make little sense but are awesome.
    Fail to understand Cardiff Arts Institute, draw a willy on their Lego wall and sneak out to the Pen & Wig beer garden instead
    Wait 20 minutes for a drink at Pen & Wig
    Eat sticky toffee pudding at Canteen on Clifton Street. Best dessert ever.
    Visit Discount Supermarket on Whitchurch Road. They have all of the booze. All of it. No exceptions
    Walk across the barrage from the Bay to Penarth and go charity shopping
    Pretend to be Amy Pond and The Doctor in Llandaff Village
    See an actor currently filming in Cardiff
    Watch Cardiff City and be confused that a lot of people have paid to be angry for two hours
    Walk up and down St Mary’s Street in the early hours of a Sunday morning. Gain a new sense of perspective about your life
    Wander down City/Cryws/Whitchurch Road and pick a restaurant at random (personal preferences: Tenkaichi, Lilo’s and the restaurant next door to Lilo’s I’ve forgotten the name of)
    Watch Sweet Baboo/Cate Le Bon/H. Hawkline
    Walk down all the Arcades. The shops are always surprisingly varied and a refreshing break from the depressingly generic shopping centres elsewhere in the city.
    Visit The Potted Pig with about 10 friends and share a whole suckling pig (needs to be ordered at least a week in advance)
    Try and figure out why people still use phone boxes
    Eat a New York Deli bagel of your choosing with a caramel slice. Maybe have a glass bottle of Coke too. They taste better somehow
    Go to a gig alone and bump into most of your friends. If you’re one of those social types, make new friends. People are remarkably cool with that sort of thing at gigs in Cardiff
    See Charlotte Church out drinking
    Go to HMV and order something off the internet
    Drink a pint at The Gatekeeper at 8am
    Wonder why The Gatekeeper is open that early
    Swn Festival

  13. Ok so will prop end up repeating some of the above

    Cycle taff trail, or just get lost cycling through Bute Park
    Waterloo Gardens for cake and posh tea
    Stock up at Splott Market – food on a Sunday, boot sale on a Saturday. Grab a bag full of hot fresh Welsh cakes as you wander round
    Moijito at Milgi or try their AMAZING chilli hot chocolate
    Eat at Tenkachi – best Japanese, Mint & Mustard – for Italian, Thai House and it’s cheaper sister Bangkok Cafe – for Thai
    Sit with a novel/laptop/newspaper/notepad and chewed pen and look arty and creative in Chapter – even if you’re not
    Picnic in Roath Park
    Boat on Roath Park late, possibly with a sneaky nip of alcohol
    Dodge the dangerous swans as you run laps round Roath Park
    Discover amazing vintage finds at Jacob’s market and Air Ambulence in Whitchurch
    Stand too close to the speakers in Clwb, dance like a manic to your favourite band
    Spot one of the Super Furries or Manic Street Preachers – mainly in Chapter
    Walk nonchalantly past one of the numerous film crews in Cardiff – you’re too cool to look even though it’s Doctor Who, Sherlock or some random feature film with Wesley Snipes
    Wander round Cardiff Castle agog at the bad taste of Lord Bute. Like a ye Olde Cribs – too much money, too much gold leaf.
    Meet a stranger, chat to them for five minutes, realise you know all their friends and dated their brother
    Say at least once a week, more if you have just returned from London, “I love it how you can just walk everywhere”
    So many more that I have probably forgotten

  14. Lots of great suggestions above, so I won’t replicate those, but I definitely think a night out in Clwb Ifor Bach is a must. It’s been a cultural hub of Cardiff’s nightlife scene, from folk to drum and bass, for decades. Its understatedness might actually be quite underwhelming to the first time visitor, but that place has music history seeping out of its walls.

    And while we’re on the subject, everyone should buy a CD at Spillers purely by going in and saying “I love , and , recommend me something”.

  15. Helia, I sincerely hope you’re not planning on croacking any time soon.
    There are some really good suggestions on here already, so I might repeat a few:
    I second Neil and Claire’s calls for a visit to Clwb Ifor Bach, go watch a band you’ve never heard of then drink cheap Sambuca and end up in the indie disco.
    Browse (and buy) vinyl in Catapult. Chat to the staff, they might just make you a cuppa (they used to anyway!)
    Get a t-shirt from Spillers and take snaps wearing it when you’re on holiday.
    Runners – do the new 10k route round the Bay and barrage, over the new bridge across Penarth marina.
    Runners, again – run as far as you can up the Taff trail, then run back.
    One more running one – have a go at Parkrun on Saturday morning in Bute Park (meet near Blackweir for 9am start, 5k).
    Have a go at the white water centre in Cardiff Bay. It looks loads of fun (haven’t done that yet).
    Watch cricket at Swalec stadium, even if you don’t like cricket. A Friday night 20/20 game in the sun* with a cold cider is a rare treat (*sun not included).
    Walk or cycle the trails around Castell Coch. Have a pint in the Lewis Arms.
    Check out one of the photography exhibitions in Ffotogallery (Penarth), Third Floor Gallery (Cardiff Bay) or any one of the many other good galleries in the city.
    Drink outside: The Albany/ Pen & Wig/ Gwdihw/ Waterguard
    Say you’re going for a swim at the international pool in the bay. Go on the waterslides instead.
    Do a course at the School of Lifelong Learning, Cardiff Uni; or Cardiff Open Art School; or Ffotogallery.
    Take part in the Photomarathon – it’s a good way to get to know the city and your abilities with a camera.
    Another mention for Swn Festival – get a wristband and roam Cardiff’s venues listening to bands and bumping into people.
    Shout “Shw mae!” at Derek Brockway while he’s broadcasting.
    Drink a Zombie in Ba Orient.

    My friend Claire recently left Cardiff and put together a ‘bucket list’ of things she wanted to do before she left, might be a few more suggestions on here: http://justclairew.blogspot.com/ (I went to watch submarine at Chapter to help tick that off).

    I look forward to seeing the article. I’m also not suprised that there are so many things I still haven’t done in Cardiff!

  16. Go to Merola’s restaurant on Clare Road, Grangetown. I’ve lived here for 7 years and only discovered it recently after walking past it many times and never really noticing it. It really is one of those secret Cardiff gems.
    The Vulcan. Ok it’s popular now but the first time I went in there was when my car broke down years ago. When I walked in, the bar went silent and I felt like I’d just walked into a saloon! But that’s why its great 🙂
    Thompson Park -It has old-worldy charm.
    Welsh cakes in Cardiff market. Smell them. Buy them. Eat them.
    The cute gardens in front of the Hilton Hotel. I never remember what it’s called but go there in your lunchbreak. Gorgeous.
    Bistro One -opposite the Model inn. Grease and spoon, cheese baps. Marvellous.

  17. Apologies if these overlap.

    Have a picnic by the stone circle in Bute Park.
    Enjoy a pint of Brains Dark/SA/Bitter in the City Arms.
    Watch Cardiff City, unfortunately not at the beloved Ninian Park 😦
    Hire a boat at Roath Park.
    Get a ham and mustard bap from Cardiff market.

  18. Think most things covered in comments already. Would second Chapter, market, tv location spotting. Ones not on the list:
    The conservatory at Roath Park. And talk to the staff there to learn loads about Cardiff.
    Visit the lesser known and hidden parks – we’ve more parkland per head than any other UK city… Try Cefn Onn, or walk across the Nant Fawr corridor from Cyncoed to Lisvane.
    See something at the Millennium Centre and something at the New Theate.
    Have a drink (and wood oven pizza) the semi-hidden Cwtch in the bay.
    Duffryn Gardens (ok, not quite Cardiff)
    Realise just how impressive the civic centre, museum, castle etc are. Always take for granted until visitors see them.
    Take a water taxi along the taff. Or take up rowing…
    Techniquest! (steal someone elses kids if necessary)
    See our own No Fit State Circus (though not in Cardiff much)
    Try Brain’s Dark.
    Eat a Clarkes pie.
    See Ninjah play.

  19. Go and see some live music – as many different varieties as possible.
    Explore Bute Park
    Grab a cooked breakfast at The Louis on St.Mary Street.
    Hire a rowing boat on Roath Park Lake
    Eat interesting food from the Farmer’s Market
    Travel along the valley-lines within Cardiff, and maybe beyond!
    Visit Spillers Records
    Grab a mini-pizza from Cafe Minuet.
    Play board-games or role-playing at “Rules of Play”
    Go to a Ceilidh or a Twmpath
    See some Theatre – maybe at the Sherman, The Gate or RWCMD?
    See a foreign film or some classic cinema at Chapter

  20. A lot of the things I thought of are covered (Bute Park, the Bay etc), but it hasn’t been mentioned then get tipsy and eat chips from Tony’s… Breakfast from Ramones… Shop in the arcades… Wander (carefully) around the Billy Banks estate in Pensrth (before it’s completely torn down)… Climb to the ridge above Cefn Onn Park to check out the amazing view of Cardiff.

    Allie x

  21. Lots of things I was going to say have already been said, so er…

    Go and see the Cardiff Devils if they still have a team when you’re around. A good clean family night and there’s a man with a bugle. Also marvel at the car being driven slowly around the ice between periods while your friends leave you to stuff themselves full with hot dogs and lager.

    Go to Twisted By Design and sit awkwardly and alone on the windowsill/ at your table wishing you were at home, while all your friends get drunk and dance and enjoy themselves. Or alternatively get drunk and dance and still manage to feel awkward. Or is that just me?

    Go to Clwb Ifor Bach on a Saturday night, before the queues get too big.


    Wander around Bute Park and stumble upon that hog thing, and realise it reminds you of a big grassy novelty birthday cake.

    Go to Ogmore or Southerndown or go fossil hunting at Porthkerry Park/ the Old Arcade. I wouldn’t really go to the Old Arcade.

    See the woolly mammoth things at the museum and hear them squeak.


  22. Some great suggestions here… here’s a few

    Lazing about in the sun in the pleasure gardens, Roath
    Playing in alleys behind your house
    Fry ups at Bentley’s on Wellfield road
    Cruise around roath park on a bike or board
    Trundle down Queens street on a skateboard, weaving between the shoppers
    Get your bread fresh in early from Allen’s bakery, hidden in a back alley in Roath
    Go get your roast dinner ingredients from Roath farmer’s market
    Hire a rowing boat in Roath lake, row out to the middle and chill out for a couple of hours. Read a book or something.
    Catch something random at Chapter
    Back everyone up on ‘go to gigs’ – the heartbeat of Cardiff’s nightlife is live music
    Wander through town on a rugby night and marvel at the carnage
    A party in milgi’s yurt, or if you can catch one, a dirty protest theatre night
    Taking the train from central station to queen street with an excited kid.

  23. I’ve read all the above excellent suggestions, and Jonny’s hilarious ones (you too are incredible, Jonny) so have tried to come up with alternative ones or very obvious/trad ones that may have been overlooked. I don’t like the ‘…before you die’ thing (Goonies, never say die) but here goes…

    Experience the ‘Diff on international match day. Soak up the atmosphere, excitement and craziness (and your share of the booze) in a city that is unique for the location of its world class stadium. Better still, go to a Six Nations match too.

    To echo what Mr Greenaway said, the greenhouses at Roath Park are a welcome, exotic corner of tranquility. The staff are not the only star attraction – look out for the terrapins too.

    Marvel at the scale and technological machinations of the Barrage…and enjoy the eliptical optical art of Felice Verini (Pic here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amodeo/5528996790/in/set-72157594233451292)

    Ffion mentioned the Bay Blast. Is this the same one as goes out into the Channel, around Flat Holm and Ranie buoy off Lavernock Point? Great fun. Little bit scary.

    Which leads me to Lavernock Point, a particular favourite place to visit, and historically important thanks to Marconi’s over-water radio transmission from here.

    Visit Flat Holm, which is owned by and so a part of Cardiff (the Council runs day trips).

    Allie Brock mentioned Tony’s – well of course what true drunken Cardiff night out would be complete without a visit to Caroline Street, or Chippy Lane/Alley?

    Allie also mentioned the ridge north of Cefn Onn. Similarly, I would suggest what we know as the Ridgeway, basically the path along the summit of low hills north of Lisvane overlooking Cardiff from which you can see a cracking view of the city and, on a clear day, the Severn bridges, Pen y Fan to the north, and the far-off hills of Somerset, across the Bristol Channel. (For this, suggest parking at the Forestry Commission car park on the Rudry Road and, on foot, following winding gravel track.)

    Get married at the Norwegian Church. Or just visit it.

    Further to John’s suggestion of the Civic Centre: Cathays Park, which is the formal park containing the impressive war memorial within the Civic Centre, is also lovely. Tucked away near North Road, off College, nearly opposite the the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (probably the latest must-visit building) is the less impressive, but poignant and tranquil International Peace Garden.

    The National Museum is a rainy day favourite.

    Go gay clubbing.

    Do some moshing in Metro’s.

    I don’t know if this is for locals or tourists, but if it’s the former, a lovely way to explore the city is to follow a stream (if you can) seawards. Likewise, for locals, why not take a road you’ve not been down before. It may surprise you.

    Explore the Victoriana of Penarth – its terraced pleasure gardens and of course, its pier.

    Visit Epstein’s Christ in Llandaff Cathedral.

    Visit Sully island, get cut off by the tide and establish your own republic by hoisting the flag that you previously designed and painstakingly made.

    Visit the spooky vampyre lair that is Ruperra Castle, out Rudry way.

    Barry Island’s penny arcades and chippys are a must.

    Take a Creepy Cardiff ghost walk by David Thompson.

    Become a right clown at the No Fit State’s circus school.

    Hold a meeting of Welsh republicans at the Cayo Arms, appropriately enough.

    Er…think I’ve run out of steam.

  24. I’d agree with so much that’s already here but also add:

    Have a pint or six of SA in the Old Arcade when Wales are playing England – then go to the match and hear 60,000 Voice belting out Hen Wlad fy Nhadau

    Clark’s pie, chips and gravy for lunch upstairs in the Market

    Stock up from any of our fantastic farmers markets and cook yourself a fully local tea

    Walk through Bute Park to go and watch the cricket

    Wander aimlessly through Roath until you find Waterloo Tea Gardens and have afternoon tea

    Go llooking for the shops that have the Christmas decs up in August so you can hang about to see the Dr Who special being filmed

    Avoid the crowds in the Bay with a beer at the Waterguard or Cwtch

    Go for a midweek fry up in Ramon’s in your suit on the way to work

    Pop up to the New House Country hotel for the best views back down over the city and out over the Bristol Channel

    Have a proper sit-down kebab in Troy on city road – or a takeaway from Aladins

    Go for a lunchtime wander around the National Museum and Gallery’s amazing Impressionist collection

    Bore your friends who visit from out of town by endlessly pointing out where they film Dr Who, Torchwood, Being Human, Sherlock…

    Do a degree here then stay forever!

    Hope that helps – lots I’ve made a note of from everyone else that I’m going to check out!

    Cheers, Matt

  25. Walk, stone cold sober, down St Mary Street at 11pm on a rugby international day. Protection – spiritual and/or physical – advisable.

    Stay in the beer garden in Buffalo’s until the sun starts peeking over the wall (during the height of summer only, indeed).

    If you live or work in Cardiff, get a ‘Key to the castle’, and take many lunches there. If you get to see an outdoor theatre production within the walls, so much the better.

    Play the ’10p chat-up’ game in a student bar in Cathays. Do not attempt once past 25.

    Get into Cardiff City, find a good bus and go on away trip. See how quickly your normal social barriers dissipate.

    Go see Turandot or the Magic Flute at the Millennium Centre. It ain’t expensive, but it is wonderful.

    Convince your most carniverous comrade to eat with you at the Vegetarian Food Studio, and watch while they fluster in the face of great grub with no meat.

    Clwb Ifor for bands, dancing or being ridiculous. Many nights lay on options for all three.

    Row Row Row your boat. Or if you don’t have your own vessel, hire one on Roath Park Lake.

    Take a thermos full of spiced rum, ice and coke and lay down with friends in Bute Park on a summer’s day.

    Audibly declare everything to be ‘safe’ with alarming regularity, even though no danger was suggested.

  26. I’ve often felt like i’m about to croak while doing my favourite thing in Cardiff :

    The running routes here are an absolute gem and so so so accessible for all levels of ability and stamina. The numerous parks offer varied options for beginners and the Taff Trail / Bay / Penarth routes are spectacular for people with more advanced lung capacity. I can see Herons and Jays frequently while taking in a lap of the Bay or Llandaff and it brings a really life affirming quality to the more bustling things I like in life!

  27. A little late in the day as is my way and probably a bit rowdy, also sadly as is my way, but:

    Watch Cardiff City play at the stadium and sit in the Grange end next to the away fans. Anthropological extravaganza.

    If you can’t do that, a booze up in the Cornwall of a Sunday when City are playing, or any Sunday to be honest. Last time I went I spent the Bulmers day chatting to a Cantonian ex-marine professional jazz trombonist. Same old…

    Run the Cardiff Half Marathon, you’ll go pass areas you didn’t know existed, and at points wish they didn’t.

    Go to a Cardiff Kickboxing tournament- political and competitive, chairs fly from one side of the room to the other. Who’d to be the security at that event I don’t know.

    Train for and compete at a White Collar Boxing night, fight your friends and colleagues! Penarth ABC can show you how.

    Dirty Pop, Ground Floor Clwb Ifor Bach, Saturday nights. Wear very little, it’s hot.

    Sit in on the mild-mannered ‘debates’ at the Senedd, anyone can go at any time. Apart from summer holidays because everybody needs a break.

    Learn ballet from Carole at the Rubicon Centre in Adamsdown.

    The Conway in Pontcanna, Mint and Mustard on Whitchurch road, and Troy on City road are pretty much the only places in Cardiff where you’ll get food worth your money.

    Roath Park rowboats, as everybody has said.

  28. Tea and cake at Waterloo Gardens (they also do amazing coffee)
    Visit Spillers
    Eat lunch at New York Deli and then not move for the rest of the day because you’re so full.
    Go for a walk at Cefn Onn
    Visit Flat Holm
    Feed the ducks/geese/swans/other birdlife at Roath Park Lake
    Cycle the Taff Trail
    Get exceptionally drunk on cocktails at 10 feet tall, or enjoy a cheeky afternoon drink in Buffalo Lounge that turns into a 10 hour blur.
    Visit Chapter
    Eat the Eggs Florentine at Cafe Calcio.
    Visit Cardiff Museum and St Fagans
    Spend the afternoon in City Arms pub.

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