The future of the media in Wales – an inquiry…

The National Assembly for Wales is currently running an inquiry into the future of the media in Wales. Of course, all Assembly inquiries are important – but this is one of the few that I’ve felt strongly enough about on a personal level to try and gee up everyone I know to sumbit evidence to.

Here’s the thing: the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee of the Assembly has set up a group to discuss and consider the future of media in Wales. And by ‘media’, they are including everything – newspapers, broadcast, new media, creative industries…. It’s a massive inquiry (too big, some might say).

There is more information about the inquiry here: Welsh media to come under Assembly spotlight

Or you can view the inquiry into Welsh media page

The terms of reference for the inquiry are:

“To look at the future outlook for various media platforms in Wales by exploring:
– The current state of the media in Wales and how new technology and other developments are impacting on this, in the context of continuing concerns about the future of the Welsh broadcast and print media;
– What the priorities should be from a Welsh perspective as the UK Government brings forward proposals for its Communications Bill;
– The opportunities for new media business models to be built in Wales; and
– What the Welsh Government is doing to implement the Hargreaves report recommendations and what other steps could be taken to strengthen the media in Wales in terms of content and plurality of provision.”

The consultation letter is attached here: Consultation letter to future of media in Wales inquiry

Any of you that have any interest in the creative industries, the media in Wales, anything at all to do with digital communication and traditional media models SHOULD RESPOND!

It’s a short consultation period – you have just over a month to respond (by 11 November). So you better get a move on….

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