We Are Cardiff – street scene

We’ve recently started a new series of posts on the We Are Cardiff blog called Street seen. It’s basically – you’ve guessed it – people we’ve seen on the streets of Cardiff. Or in parks. Or just around generally, you know what I mean.

Asking people to write stories about the city can be quite daunting, as evidenced by the number of people who ask about taking part in the site and then freeze as soon as they’re asked to write something, retreating slowly from my persistent emails like Peter Griffin backing slowly out of a room where he’s just accidentally set something on fire. I should know, I’ve been trying (and failing) to write my own Cardiff story for the past five months!

Anyway. To try and combat this and also vary things up a bit on the blog we’re doing these shorter posts that are more focused on the photography and the small but tasty morsels of information we find out about people while taking their pictures.

It’s been great motivation to take my camera out and start talking to random people (not that I ever need any encouragement to do that, but anyway). People do share the most unexpected information with you in passing. Also up until now I’ve just been doing mostly admin type things for We Are Cardiff – the ‘office’ backend stuff, so it’s nice to get into it and do something practical for the project. I do help out on photoshoots and I have been producing the We Are Cardiff film, but again that’s mostly admin or runner-type tasks. It’s nice to be doing something creative for it.

The first ‘Street seen’ post went up on Sunday and featured someone I actually know – Lia Moutselou, who runs the Lia’s Kitchen blog and was holding a stall at the Made In Roath Spring Fiesta. Most of the posts will be anonymous unless those photographed specifically want their details shared. I kind of like the different style of post compared with our usual ‘We Are Cardiff’ posts, which are intensely personal and packed with details. Variety is good, eh?

To read Lia’s post, click on her photograph below.


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