6 reasons Cardiff is the best city in the UK

Got myself a wee byline in the Metro this week. Read and enjoy!


(Picture: Flickr/Geraint Rowland) (Picture: Flickr/Geraint Rowland)

Cardiff is frequently to be found at the top of lists of best cities in the UK to live in. Don’t believe me? Take that, and then that!

Don’t just take their word for it though. Here’s why this big little city by the sea is so great – in the words of a local.

1. Location

On the basis of the three Ls (location, location, location) Cardiff’s got to be the best situated city in the UK.

Drive for 30 minutes and you can be in the middle of the Brecon Beacons, add a little on to that time and you’ll reach the beautiful, unspoiled beaches of the Gower, and a little further to get to Pembrokeshire.

Also, we’re only 40 miles from Bristol and 150 miles from London, so if you want a big night out or weekend away in one of our…

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