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Helia Phoenix – writer, and some other things toopot

I’ve worked since 2000 as a music journalist, magazine editor, writer of fiction and non-fiction. I’ve done stuff in print, web, audio, film, but mostly digital. I run the We Are Cardiff project (voted Best Blog at the Welsh Blog Awards), produced a documentary film about Cardiff, done some podcasting, some radio, some other stuff.

In 2017, I was listed as a visionary in Cardiff Life’s Top 50 People building a brighter future for the city (thanks, guys!)

More info on the books I’ve written

More info on articles and reviews for newspapers/magazines/websites

I’m based in Cardiff, as you might have guessed. It’s the capital of Wales. It’s a pretty great city and I’ve got a lot of love for it. If you’re looking for comment about the city, I work as a writer-for-hire (ie, rent-a-gob). Contact details below.

If you’re interested in contacting me, hit me up on heliaphoenix at yahoo dot com, or leave a comment.

Photograph by Simon Ayre

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