Project Cardiff

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. Apologies for my absence. But I’m back! Last year I was honoured to have been included as one of Project Cardiff’s 50 individuals who have contributed to the creative arts in our fair city. You can see the photograph that the lovely Lann Niziblian took along with a mini interview here: Helia Phoenix – Project Cardiff. … Continue reading Project Cardiff

Hack/flash podcast – episode four

Episode Four of the hack/flash podcast is now online, for your listening pleasure. Myself and Lee Underpass talk to the lovely Ashli Todd, owner and proprietor of the legendary Spillers Records, oldest record store in the country. We talk about VAT loopholes, Kindles, computer games, and Batman’s bulge. (that last thing is more me talking about it. and it’s more Spiderman that Batman. but anyway). … Continue reading Hack/flash podcast – episode four