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It’s been awful quiet around these parts …

But I’ve had a really good excuse! Honestly!   So, that massive headache of paper on the desk (yes I was having breakfast in Wetherspoons, what about it?) is MY NOVEL. Or something like a novel. It’s a really freaking long story. THAT’S what I’ve been doing.   In case I haven’t mentioned it on here, and I don’t think I have, I am a … Continue reading It’s been awful quiet around these parts …

6 reasons Cardiff is the best city in the UK

Originally posted on Metro:
(Picture: Flickr/Geraint Rowland) Cardiff is frequently to be found at the top of lists of best cities in the UK to live in. Don’t believe me? Take that, and then that! Don’t just take their word for it though. Here’s why this big little city by the sea is so great – in the words of a local. 1. Location On… Continue reading 6 reasons Cardiff is the best city in the UK

Music writings

I’ve been a professional journalist writing mostly about music for far longer than I’d actually care to remember (since 2001, if you must know…). I’ve written for Rolling Stone, NME, CRACK magazine, as well as various titles that have come and gone in that time (Sound Nation, Plan B, Kruger). I also wrote the first unofficial biography about Lady Gaga, published by Orion in 2010. For examples … Continue reading Music writings

We Are Cardiff goes to Glastonbury!

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Bit of a misleading title seeing as the GREATEST FESTIVAL ON EARTH was nearly two weeks ago now. It’s taken me THIS LONG to recover and manage to write up my experiences. If you’ve no interest in reading about HOW AMAZING GLASTONBURY IS, then you best toddle off and read something else. Photo by Andrew Allcock So. Firstly, a… Continue reading We Are Cardiff goes to Glastonbury!