Multimedia production

Blogging / community writing / activism, etc

I’m the director / writer / overlord for the We Are Cardiff website, which I set up in 2010 and currently write for / curate content for, along with its associated social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

We Are Cardiff was chosen by the Guardian as one of the world’s best city blogs in 2014 and I was a featured blogger of the week with my Urbanist’s Guide to Cardiff.

As well as being featured in the Guardian every so often, We Are Cardiff also won Best Blog 2012 at the Welsh Blog awards. Oh yeah. WELSH BLOG AWARDS. We know how to party.

I also produced a film about Cardiff, sponsored by Cardiff University. By the power of the internet, watch it below!

I’ve also made radio features. Listen below …

Portrait projects

In 2014, I ran a project at Green Man Festival taking portrait photographs of festival goers there and collecting snippets of information from them; stories, anecdotes or festival advice. The idea was to create a picture of the festival through the people who attend it; a narrative threaded by faces from different places, all coming together to enjoy one beautiful event.

I profiled over 100 people at the festival and their images were collected and posted on a We Are Green Man blog and dedicated Facebook page.

Caz and Theo

(Caz and Theo for We Are  Green Man 2014)

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